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Brighten up any work environment with a new set of work lights

Whether you're working outdoors at dusk or are huddled over a garage workbench, a powerful work light can help you see the task at hand more clearly. Kmart has a variety of portable work lights to suit any environment. Try a high-powered corded model to cast intense light while rebuilding the deck, or pick up a set of lightweight cordless flashlights for working on a vintage car. These convenient tools provide the well-lit environment that you need to work more effectively, night or day.

When working in a larger space, a set of radiant floodlights can brighten the entire area in a flash. These portable work lights are small enough to store on a garage shelf, but contain enough power to illuminate an outdoor construction site. Features like built-in tripods and stands hold the light steady for hands-free use. Adjust the settings as needed to find the right angle, so the entire crew can work with ease.

Portable work lights are also handy in smaller spaces. Mechanics can use a handheld LED work light when investigating under the hood of car. Try a model with a swiveling head to get into every nook and cranny. Kmart also has hanging lights to clip over your clamping table when working at night. Create the right lighting for any conditions with new work lights.