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Keep your odds and ends in line with a parts cabinet

Your workshop is filled with all sorts of tools and gear to help you with everything from routine car maintenance to construction projects, as well as plenty of parts that clutter up your workbenches. If you find that you are running out of room to work or that you can't find the parts you need, then parts organizing needs to be a priority on your to-do list. The trick is to buy the right supplies that will help you stay organized and keep everything close at hand so you can grab the parts you need when you need them. Whether it's on the wall, underneath your bench or stacked in a closet, the right parts storage will keep your hobbies going smoothly.

To get your parts off of the workbench, you need to decide where you have extra space to store everything. If your walls are free of clutter, then you might want to install some garage cabinets or utility shelves along the sides or back of your garage. These are among some of the most space-conscious options. On the other hand, open shelving is the best if you will be in and out of your stash a lot, while closed off cabinets are great if you only get to the workshop every once in a while. Many cabinets offer built-in organizing drawers that help you take care of all parts large and small. Plus, you don't have to dig through layers to find what you need when everything is neatly stored in specialized shallow drawers.

If you don't have room for a full-sized set of shelves or a cabinet, consider placing some parts drawers underneath your workbench. If the back half of the underside of your workbench is hardly used, it may be the perfect location for storage options that are easy to get to when you need them. A set of rolling drawers can be pulled out while you are working and then neatly tucked away when it's time to pull the vehicles back in the garage. Some hanging parts drawers can also be attached directly to your walls so they're eye level, allowing you to easily check and find what you need.

Parts containers are also useful to have, especially if you occasionally take your projects with you on the road. Like a toolbox, they're portable and smaller-sized, so you can carry only the essentials. Many parts organizing containers offer separated compartments so you can sort items conveniently. Even the tiniest bits and pieces have a home in these portable organization units. For organization of parts grand and tiny, turn to Kmart. We have a variety of creative options available to suit any project or budget.