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Garage Door Openers

Add convenience to the home with new garage door equipment

If you're tired of dealing with traditional lock and key systems, consider upgrading your garage door to an automated design. Garage door and gate openers provide convenient access to the property with just the click of a button. Explore the variety of time-saving garage door equipment from Kmart.

Garage door openers provide remote control access to your garage. Just grab a homeowner's tool set to mount the opener to the ceiling and sync the wireless remote in a few simple steps. Once installed, drivers can use the small remote to open the garage door from inside or outside the vehicle. That means you don't have to brave the rain and snow to lock up the home. Some models also feature smartphone connectivity and automatic timers, so you enjoy even greater versatility from one device.

Gate openers can add another level of automated convenience to any home. Pair a new solar or battery-powered opener to the sliding gate in the driveway. Try a sensor model that opens the gate automatically as guests leave the property. Kmart also carries a variety of remotes, hardware and battery systems to keep your devices in proper working order. Enjoy extra convenience with versatile new garage door equipment.