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Complete projects at home or on the go with a new cordless rotary tool

A new cordless rotary tool can accomplish a variety of tasks with just a few simple adjustments. Whether polishing with a felt wheel or slicing with a cut-off wheel, this lightweight device offers the power and maneuverability that you need for home repairs, craft projects and more. Enjoy the versatility of a brand-new rotary tool from Kmart.

The narrow design of a cordless rotary tool lends itself well to precision work. When adjusting newly installed baseboards, reach for a cutting tip to adjust the trim quickly. Unlike larger cordless jigsaws, a rotary tool has an ergonomic design that can be used at nearly any angle. Trim crown moldings with one hand, or sharpen inside corners with ease. When it's time to smooth out the edges, simply replace the cut-off wheel with a sanding drum.

Not only can rotary tools help accomplish common and specialty tasks on their own, they can even keep the other tools in your collection in great condition, project after project. If your lawnmower blades look a little dull, turn your rotary tool into a grinder with the appropriate attachment. If you want to bring a high shine back to metal tools, pull out a little polishing compound and a polishing wheel. Not only can the rotary tool buff and polish, but it can also deburr in an instant. Get more done with a new cordless rotary tool from Kmart.