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Work more efficiently with a new cordless power hammer

Tackle projects around the house or on the job site with a versatile cordless power hammer. These powerful tools come with variable speed settings for use with a wide range of nail sizes and materials. Get construction and home improvement projects done quickly with a cordless hammer from Kmart.

Apply the proper amount of force for the job using an electric hammer. For common projects, like driving nails through drywall, a low to medium power setting will apply just enough pressure to resist damaging the delicate surface. High power settings make it easier to drive fasteners through heavy-duty materials, like thick lumber or plastics. Swap your cordless hammer for a cordless brad nailer when you're attaching lightweight trim with delicate brads.

A cordless power hammer is easy to use even in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. The compact shape and lightweight, one-handed design makes it comfortable to hold throughout lengthy projects. If you accidentally misplace a nail using your power hammer, cleanly remove it in seconds with a handy nail puller.

Drive nails into building materials from any angle, including directly overhead, using a cordless power hammer. Adjust the rotating head to achieve the ideal angle, then use the magnetic sleeve to line up the nails before gripping the ergonomic handle and pressing the trigger. Get more done in less time with a new cordless power hammer from Kmart in your toolbox.