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Prep surfaces with powerful sand blasters

Sand blasters are powerful pieces of equipment that have a variety of uses around the home. Most often applied to prep metal and wood, these machines are also great for creating unique finishes on crafting projects. Kmart has sand blaster kits in small and large sizes to accommodate any home improvement task. Just grab a safety mask and begin taking care of restoration projects around the house or in the workshop.

Sand blasters can prepare the surface of wood, plastic and metal with ease. While pressure washers utilize pressurized water to blast away debris, sand blast guns spray abrasive materials that scrape away tough finishes and worn down surfaces with just the pull of a trigger. Adjust the output and spray pattern of the nozzle to generate as much power as you need. Use lighter abrasives to scrape paint off an old cabinet or heavier media to strip rust from old automotive parts.

While sand blasters can pulverize years worth of built up rust, these tools are capable of more delicate work as well. Use a smaller sand blaster kit to monogram a wooden plaque or etch a message into a glass panel. Kits contain everything from air hoses to abrasive media to safety gear. Work more effectively around the house with the help of new sand blasting equipment from Kmart.