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Impact air wrenches give you all the force and grip you need

When used correctly, an impact wrench makes short work of jobs that a regular wrench can’t handle easily. Sometimes, lug nuts on wheels are rusted in place or the threads of a screw have been stripped. In those cases, a regular wrench simply can’t get the job done. Impact wrenches and power impact wrenches allow you to turn these stubborn fasteners and get them loose. They’ll easily give you the additional force and grip needed to get any tightly wound lug nut off quickly, easily and safety. Impact wrenches and impact drive sockets are often used to change tires, because they make quick and easy work of taking off lug nuts. When choosing an impact wrench, you’ll want one that’s powerful, well made and comfortable to use. Craftsman makes a variety of lightweight, durable impact wrenches with composite bodies designed to withstand heavy use.

The ergonomics of the impact wrench you use are also important; lighter-weight impact wrenches are designed to be used with one hand. A well-designed impact wrench should direct the exhaust away from your hand, which will make using the wrench much more comfortable. Make sure the controls of your impact wrench are easy to access when you’re working in tight spaces. Properly used, your impact wrench should be as easy to hold in your hand an air-powered sander.

Having a high-quality air impact wrench on hand means you’ll never again have to reach for air cutting tools when faced with another stripped screw or rusted on bolt. Invest in an air impact wrench for the power, torque and control you need around the house and garage.