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Shoe Care & Accessories

Keep your footwear in great condition with shoe care supplies

Whether you’re adding new laces to boots or shining up a pair of dress shoes, shoe care supplies can make a world of difference in the quality of your footwear collection. Customize your shoes with extra padding, new accessories, a glossy shine and more. Bring out the best in any pair with affordable shoe care products from Kmart.

Shoe care supplies can bring tired footwear back to life. Replace the worn laces in a pair of men's dress shoes with a new pair of black-waxed shoe laces. The durable coating prevents laces from coming untied during an important event. Before heading out the door, don't forget to add a little shine with a tin of shoe polish. The protective coating nourishes the leather, while adding a glossy sheen.

Shoe care products can also enhance comfort while you’re wearing a favorite pair of shoes. Peruse your storage rack to find the right pair for a night on the town. The multiple shelves keep each pair organized, no matter the size of your collection. After picking out a pair of women's pumps, add removable padding to keep your toes comfortable. Try a peel-and-stick heel grip or a gel pad for the ball of the foot. Treat your feet well with shoe care supplies from Kmart.