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Keep your small pets happy with new animal cage accessories

Although a nice cage may give your pet a shelter, it's not truly their home until it's furnished with accessories. You want your animal to be as comfortable as possible, which may mean a hamster wheel or fun tubing to keep her happy. Your gerbil will need a nice water bottle to keep his thirst quenched, and your rabbit will certainly need some toys to stay entertained.

Most pet owners relish the chance to pick out the best small pet toys and accessories for their friends. Going through the large selection of accessories Kmart has available can be a fun process for every member of the family.

Pet accessories are also an important part of keeping cages and habitats clean. Keep your pet's food off the floor with the help of a small pet feeder. Feeders are especially important for chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals. Look for a pet bowl that comes with separate compartments for food, water and whatever else your pet needs to stay healthy and happy. Feeding your small pets has never been so clean or easy, thanks to Kmart's wide selection of feeding accessories.

The first things to look for in small pet toys are longevity and durability, so your pets can keep playing with their favorites for a long time. Small animals may seem like they'd be gentler on toys, but many have a habit of chewing tiny holes in them. Help them exercise their need to chew by getting them small pet chew toys. Your pets may also want something soft to cuddle with or something that stimulate their brains like a toy that hides a treat.

Pets are an important part of the family, and they deserve a comfy place they can call home, too. Thanks to Kmart's selection of small pet cage accessories, your birds, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits and more can have a cage full of their favorite things. Keep the smallest members of your family happy and healthy with cage accessories from Kmart.