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Kill and repel fleas using cat flea treatments

Whether you have indoor or outdoor cats, protecting them from fleas is important for their health and happiness. From topical liquid formulas and shampoos to collars and treatments for the cat bed, Kmart has all the cat flea and tick control supplies you need.

Discourage fleas from targeting your outdoor cat using flea drops. These topical medicines are invisible and odorless once they're applied. Eliminate existing pests and stop new infestations by periodically applying topical cat flea medicine directly to the cat's fur. Waterproof drops remain effective even if the cat gets caught in the rain, and they're easy to apply. Simply remove the cap and follow application instructions for effective protection from pests.

Odorless, non-greasy flea collars help get fleas and ticks under control. The collar slowly and continuously releases medicine in low concentrations to deter pests away from your beloved cat. Flea collars that feature reflective material make spotting your pet easier after dark, especially if your felines go outside. Keep your cat's coat healthier with cat flea treatments and cat grooming supplies from Kmart.