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Improve your home office with a paper shredder from Kmart

From old credit card offers and bank statements to bills and tax documents are types of mail you don't want falling into the wrong hands. A home paper shredder from Kmart turns documents with social security numbers and other important account information into tiny bits of paper, so no one else can read them. Protecting your sensitive data has never been easier with this handy machine.

This powerful device is low-maintenance and make a necessary task for businesses much simpler. After going through the mail in the afternoon, just feed any junk mail into the document shredder. Anything that doesn't need to go in the filing cabinet for taxes or future reference can be shredded. It takes just seconds to keep your personal information safe and secure with a shredder in the house. It can even help cut down on office clutter. The only thing you need to keep a heavy-duty paper shredder running well is an electrical outlet and shredder oil.

Don't just toss that important paperwork in the wastebasket. Keep your personal information personal with a paper shredder. From cutting and measuring devices to laminators to label makers, Kmart carries all the equipment you need to organize your workplace for prices that won't break the bank.