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Watering, Hoses & Sprinklers

Keep your lawn properly watered with watering systems from Kmart

One of the best ways to keep your lawn and garden healthy and attractive is by proper watering and maintenance. At Kmart, you can find the best selection of hoses, sprinklers, hand gardening tools. and other outdoor accessories to keep your lawn and garden properly watered and nourished.

Garden hoses from brands like Craftsman are guaranteed not to kink or tangle. Hoses remain flexible in all kinds of weather and temperatures. A MicroShield system eliminates the worry of mold and mildew, which can deteriorate your garden hose. Soaker hoses are great for watering flowers, gardens and shrubs. They are porous to allow the water to seep out slowly, which delivers a deep, constant watering action. The weeping water action uses up to 70 percent less water than regular sprinklers. Soaker hoses won't crack, rot or decay. Nozzles and hose attachments give you the option of using many different spraying actions. From misting action to angle, cone and jet streams, nozzles can be adjusted with a simple twist for all kinds of spraying. Nozzles have flow control levers and a comfortable grip handle. Craftsman shower wands can be attached to the garden hose to allow you to water hanging plants without a ladder.

Hose reels and holders by Suncast keep your garden hoses stored neatly out of the way when not in use. Reel holders can be attached to the side of your house for convenient storage. Storage boxes with a track system guide the hose into place to make winding and unwinding easier. A crank handle pulls it all into place. Copper hose holders are attractive and have drainage holes in the bottom for excess water to drain out.

Sprinklers are a good way to keep your lawn and garden watered with a minimal amount of work. Kmart sells some of the best sprinklers by Craftsman, Ray Padula and Gilmour. Sprinklers use rotating, oscillating or whirling action to apply water to your lawn or garden. Some sprinklers have wheels so that they can be conveniently moved around your yard so that you can easily maneuver lawn mowersand other yard maintenance equipment.

When it comes to keeping your lawn and garden attractive and healthy, only the best brand names will do. Go to Kmart for a large selection of watering equipment and accessories to suit all of your outdoor needs.