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Keep your yard and garden beautiful with a new gas line trimmer from Kmart

Get ready for yard maintenance projects this spring, summer and fall with a new gas line trimmer. Even the most versatile lawn mower or garden tractor can't clear every space in your yard. A gas weed whacker is specially designed to groom overgrown grass, weeds and unwanted plants around trees, outdoor decor items and more without causing unnecessary damage. The upright styles, lightweight materials and ergonomic handles make it possible to work for long periods of time without discomfort.

With a new gas weed eater from Kmart in your lawn and garden tool collection, you won't be tied down to an electrical outlet. After fueling and starting the device, you'll be able to quickly switch between trimming overgrown grass from a walkway to slicing weeds away from fence posts in the furthest corners of your property. Choose a wide cutting swath for larger areas or a smaller one for especially tight spaces. The durable monofilament trimmer line will last for multiple uses, but can be easily replaced when it becomes too worn.

Gas string trimmers are versatile tools that can be used for more than just trimming grass and weeds. To use the trimmer for edging, simply adjust the position of the trimmer to clear excess dirt and debris from landscaping stones and walkways. Expand your home's lawn tool collection with a new gas line trimmer from Kmart.