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Increase Productivity with Rollers, Rakes and Levelers for Your Riding Mower

Do more in your yard this year when you invest in useful tractor attachments such as rollers, rakes and levelers. Kmart carries a full range of tractor attachments and accessories to boost your performance in the yard. Smooth your lawn before mowing with the Agri-Fab lawn roller, and rake leaves and gravel with the Agri-Fab landscape rake. Regardless of your needs, find accessories that let you complete your lawn projects in less time.

Depending on your mower, you may require an additional hitch and hitch pin to secure the rollers or levelers in place. Taller tractor attachments sway and rattle, but the Great Day hitch stabilizer ensures that the attachment stays firmly in place as you drive. In addition, the Briggs & Stratton hitch kit lets you lift and lower rakes and levelers with ease.

Before smoothing your lawn with a yard roller, you want to remove any thatch buildup on the lawn. Using a Craftsman rear-mount dethatcher lets you pickup thatch with less effort. Thatch forms when dead roots and stems intermingle with live grass roots, preventing further grass development in that area. Install the dethatcher to pick up the thatch and then use the roller to press the area. Smoothing the grass before mowing prevents mower scalping on the lawn. In addition, use the Agri-Fab landscape rake to remove leaves or loose rocks before mowing.

Additional tractor attachments, such as chipper vacs, make your lawn projects much easier. Pick up pine needles and grass clippings with the Craftsman Professional lawn vac. With its powerful 80MPH vacuum, it even sucks up acorns and other yard debris. With the Agri-Fab 8HP hardtop chipper vac, remove dead tree limbs and branches that fall onto your lawn. It easily chips branches and limbs up to two inches in diameter, and its powerful suction technology lifts pinecones and wet leaves out of the way. The 32 cubic-foot capacity ensures you spend more time working and less time emptying the contents.

You want to maintain your yard throughout the year, and you require tractor attachments such as rollers, rakes and levelers to help you with your landscaping projects. Shop at Kmart online or at the store for the most affordable selection of name brand tractor attachments and lawn care accessories for your push mowers and yard tractors.