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Tillers, Cultivators & Augers


Affordable, High-Quality Tillers and Cultivators


You don't have to spend a fortune on a tractor to work the land on your property. If your needs are simpler, tillers and cultivators are sure to do the trick. By shopping Kmart, you can purchase durable, well-designed cultivators, tillers and accessories at some of today's best prices. Kmart's selection includes everything from tractor attachments to mini-tillers, so you can easily find just what you need. When you have a well-designed cultivator or tiller, getting the land to do what you want is a lot simpler.

When you don't need a full-fledged tiller but still need to churn up some soil, a mini-tiller from a trusted brand like Craftsman is sure to come in handy. Kmart sells these useful tools at remarkably low prices. They are available in gas or electric versions. Compact sizes make for easy storage, and top-selling styles have fold-down handles that make them even more portable.

Kmart also carries a wide assortment of front-tine tillers by Yard Machines and similar brands. Front-tine tillers are popular because they are exceptionally easy to maneuver. Wide rear wheels allow you to move these tillers from place to place with ease. Because the tines are in the front, you can direct them precisely where they need to go. Kmart's prices on these great machines are second to none.

By investing in a tiller-cultivator, you can enjoy the benefits of two great machines in one low-priced package. Kmart sells options from top brands like Mantis, so you can rest assured that you're getting quality. You won't believe the low price tags that you'll find for some of these heavy-duty machines, which can be used to handle a wide range of different chores. Thanks to their superior craftsmanship, they are sure to stand the test of time well.

If you already own a tractor or riding mower, you can buy affordable tiller and cultivator attachments by brands like Berco and get even more use out of it. Kmart's prices on these easy-to-use attachments are tough to beat. By keeping them handy, you'll always have the tools and equipment that you need to keep your yard in exceptional shape.

Whether you're starting a new garden or need to plant new grass, a tiller or cultivator can make the work easier and more efficient. Shop Kmart today to enjoy competitive prices on a huge selection of options.