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Clear driveways, sidewalks and more with a new electric snowblower

When the snow really starts to pile up, an electric snowblower can take care of the heavy lifting for you. Rather than coating the driveway with ice melt and waiting for results, a snowblower instantly breaks up dense snowdrifts and moves the snow away from your property. Find the right snowblower for your home at Kmart and start maintaining cleaner and clearer walkways all winter long.

Though powerful, electric snowblowers are surprisingly lightweight and easy to use. After pushing the start button, the quiet, emission-free motor kicks into gear. As the rotating steel auger churns, snow piles disintegrate and discharge out of the rotating chute. Safety switches and built-in lighting give you total peace of mind while braving rough winter weather.

While powerful snow throwers are great for larger properties, electric snow shovels are especially compact, efficient and easy to store. These machines combine the power of an electric snowblower with the versatility of an ordinary snow shovel. Guide the shovel over a powder-coated deck and the paddle auger will sweep away snow quickly. The ergonomic design helps prevent fatigue while clearing the front yard on a cold day. Take control of snow and ice with a reliable new snowblower from Kmart.