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Riding Mowers & Tractors

Maintain your yard with riding lawn mowers from Kmart

When the yard needs to be cut, pull out the riding lawn mower to tidy up your property with ease. Unlike a standard push mower, a riding mower is driven by a powerful engine that can propel them through acres of land. This machine quickly clips grass to the height of your choice. Try a zero-turn tractor to landscape a large backyard, or use a lawn tractor and mulch kit to landscape the garden. Kmart has all the tools you need to make lawn care as simple as possible.

Save time and energy on lawn maintenance by using a durable riding lawn mower to perform time-intensive tasks. A lawn tractor has the endurance and power to tend to larger properties. Choose a yard tractor with a smaller frame for greater agility on hilly lawns. A large garden tractor not only can trim the grass, but it also utilizes attachments for versatility.

If your yard is full of twists and turns, a zero-turn model can help you tackle each curve with expert precision. This nimble vehicle can pivot around trees or mow precise lines through fields with accuracy. After a long day of hard work, this mower can fit easily into an outdoor storage shed or garage. Manicure your lawn properly using a riding lawn mower from Kmart.