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Keep your most-used tools, electronics and appliances up and running with a new generator 

Whether you're faced with an unexpected power outage in your home, are camping off the grid or just need a reliable source of power at the jobsite, a new generator can help supply everything from power tools to appliances with electricity. From portable generators featuring built-in handles and smooth-rolling wheels to stationary models that can be connected to your home's power grid, Kmart has the electric generator you need for nearly any situation. 

If you're an avid outdoor enthusiast, an emergency power supply can provide convenient access to electricity for your powered camping equipment. Many models include an array of useful outlets and ports for connecting small appliances and electronic devices. Charge your phone using the USB connector or power an emergency light using the standard 3-prong outlet. 

Standby gas generators are large enough to supply power to your entire home. After a storm has affected the local power grid, an automatic backup generator will quickly restore power to your home. Whether it's the dead of winter or the middle of summer, the whole family will appreciate having access to temperature controls, lights, refrigeration units and more. 

Environmentally conscious homeowners and travelers will appreciate solar powered generators. While many standby and larger portable power generators require propane or gasoline to operate, these incredibly efficient devices harness the power of the sun. Find the right solar or gas-powered electric generator and generator supplies for your needs at Kmart.