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Shape your outdoor space with ornate yard fencing

Yard fencing provides privacy to your home while adding charming embellishment. You can install fencing from Kmart in minutes. Simply snap the segments of a border fence together or push your wire landscaping fence into the soil. You can let your creativity flow while easily customizing your space with fencing and landscaping materials.

If you want to keep your garden to yourself, yard fencing provides a decorative barrier. Add rolled bamboo fence to the perimeter of your backyard. These tall fences provide privacy for you and your neighbors while adding a lovely, rustic touch. Surround your vegetable garden with a sturdy wire fence. This provides an enclosure to keep small animals from stealing your bounty.

Landscape fencing and edging can draw the eye toward your favorite parts of the yard. Ornate resin borders give the picturesque look of a white picket fence without the tricky maintenance. Your fresh flowers will peek over the slats, allowing you to admire your hard work. These short fences also give you plenty of access to every blossom when you use gardening tools.

Yard fencing personalizes your outdoor space while adding delightful decoration. Whether you choose a wire fence to support your tomato plants or an ornamental wooden border, you'll be thrilled by the new look of your yard. Enjoy a beautiful, secluded backyard with yard fencing from Kmart.