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Easily maintain your property with a powerful chain saw from Kmart

Instead of paying lots of money for a professional to remove tree branches, save time and energy with a new chain saw. This high-powered device is easy to operate has plenty of built-in safety features. Simply power the saw and glide the rotating chain through anything from thin shrubs to thick tree trunks. Clear the backyard to create a blank canvas for landscaping materials. Create the outdoor space you've always wanted with a gas or electric saw from Kmart.

A high-powered, corded chain saw has the muscle to handle heavy-duty tasks. This durable tool plugs into an outlet or extension cord to provide unwavering power to its electric motor. You can easily cut through tree trunks to make piles of firewood or thin branches to maintain your backyard. Some models come with push-button oilers that lubricates the chain for smooth slicing, and many new designs have low-kickback bars and chains to enhance safety.

A cordless option offers extra freedom to move as you clear your property. Carry a portable saw to any corner of your property without worrying about an outlet. The lightweight saw uses a rechargeable battery to provide long-lasting power, so you can prune hedges in mere minutes. If a hanging branch is just out of reach, try a cordless pole saw. This tool can reach many feet into the air, allowing you to safety snip tree limbs without struggling with a ladder. Enjoy a well-groomed property with a durable chain saw from Kmart.