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Pole saws let you landscape your entire property perfectly

Chainsaws are useful for cutting high volumes of lumber and ground-level landscaping work, but they're less ideal for the projects that require more finesse. For these times, pole saws can fill in the gaps in your selection of landscaping tools. Designed to cut from a distance, these saws are easier to maneuver and use than normal chainsaws, and they provide the precision and reach needed to work in troublesome areas.

The selection of electric pole chain saws at Kmart provides high cutting capability while also being easy to use and store. Avoid the noise and heavy weight of gas motors on some chainsaws. These can be plugged into the nearest outlet or extension cord and be ready to go, working more quietly and with less heft than other models. Smaller electric motors also make them easier to store. Whether you're a professional landscaper or you want to maintain your own property, these pole saws are easy to stow in your storage shed when not in use.

Once you're ready to cut, the lengthy poles on these saws, which extend to as long as nine feet, let you comfortably reach the most out of the way tree branches without the need to precariously balance on ladders. With some heavy gardening gloves to provide grip and protection, our pole saws can provide the tools to handle tricky cutting and landscaping with less hassle.