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Give yourself more mobility with a cordless chain saw Kmart

Using a corded chain saw can be difficult when you're clearing a large piece of property. Whether you're removing overgrowth for a new shed or clearing out small trees from your yard, a cordless chain saw is the perfection option. You'll be able to easily trim unwieldy trees and bushes from walkways and entryways. Whatever project you can dream up, Kmart has a rechargeable chain saw to help you get the job done easily.

A battery-powered chain saws doesn't restrict you to just one section of your property. This device can make short work in the side, back and front yards all in one uninterrupted trip. Rechargeable models allow you to spend some time bucking logs so you can bring back firewood in your ATV cart or build a bird blind by the pond from scratch. The more ambitious your outdoor project, the more you're going to appreciate having a versatile, cordless chain saw that can go anywhere.

If you're trying to trim or prune tall trees, a cordless pole model is the perfect solution. This design allows you to safely reach high branches without an extension cord getting in the way. From pole models to standard designs, there are battery chain saws for any piece of property. Kmart carries the best cordless chain saws for your next project.