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Clear away debris with powerful leaf vacuums from Kmart

The season of fall is beautiful with its bright colors and pleasant weather. However, it also means more yard chores due to dead leaves, broken branches and other debris that collects on your property. Leaf vacuums are a great solution, reducing the strain on your back and taking up much less time than hand gardening tools.

When choosing a yard vacuum, make sure to consider your requirements before you pick a specific model. A chipper/shredder vacuum will cruise over your lawn, easily picking up sticks and twigs and mulch them at the same time. The blower attachment helps you to move all debris while the anti-clog self-cleaning system enhances durability. If you’re looking for something more compact, a leaf blower vacuum is easier to operate and minimizes vibration. Once you’re done with clearing the clutter, simply add the lawn vacuum attachment and all the mulch will get sucked into a large capacity bag for easier cleanup.

Leaf suckers are easier to carry and a better option for smaller spaces. They suck all the debris into spacious bags which also saves you the trouble of constantly dumping trash. Maintaining your leaf vacuums and blowers is simple with the right vacuum accessories. Find durable and efficient lawn equipment when you shop at Kmart.