Java Gents 53mm Espresso Distributor

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Java Gents wants to help elevate your barista skills and style with a professional, dual-head espresso distributor and tamper. Our distributor and tamper is designed to work with the tapered 54mm Breville portafilter baskets. Passionately brew the perfect espresso: Adjusting the height of the distributor side will allow for control of packing depth. Make sure to fill the basket full for best results. A tightly packed basket will offer the desired results and a very enjoyable shot. Flip to the adjustable tamper side for a uniform tamp, every time. To adjust the coffee distributor and tamper height, do the following: Loosen the two adjusting rings in the middle by rotating them in opposite directions. Hold the adjusting rings fixed. Set the distributor side to the minimum height. If the distributor side does not reach the grounds, adjust it to a depth to reach and flatten the grounds. Flip the tool over and set the tamper depth to Breville’s recommended tamping depth. Lock the distributor and tamper depths by rotating the adjusting rings back together while maintaining the desired distributor and tamper depths. How to use the distributor and tamper tool: Put the desired amount of coffee grounds into the portafilter basket. Place the distributor side down, so that it rests on the grounds or portafilter basket. Spin the distributor clockwise a few times to level the grounds. (note, leveler should spin freely once grounds are properly leveled) Flip the tool over so the tamper faces the grounds and tamp the grounds to your desired pressure.

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