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Laundry Room Organization

Make laundry day easier with a collection of new laundry room accessories

The right accessories can speed up the cleaning process every laundry day. Laundry room accessories help to store and organize every piece of clothing, so your wardrobe stays in great condition wash after wash. Pick up accessories like clothespins, ironing boards, hampers and baskets at Kmart.

When collecting dirty clothes for the washing machine, laundry hampers keep every sock and shirt in one convenient place. Plastic bins are sturdy and easy to carry to the laundry room, while wooden and wicker baskets complement rustic decor beautifully. Pop-up hampers are a great option for smaller rooms where floor space is limited. Simply unfold the bag to reveal a full-sized container for laundry, or fold it flat to store in a storage cabinet until the next laundry day.

Once clothes are fresh and clean from a spin in the washing machine, laundry room accessories can even help with the drying process. Hang an indoor or outdoor clothesline to let garments air dry. Add a few clothespins to keep dresses and slacks steady as the moisture evaporates. When dealing with stubborn wrinkles, an ironing board provides a flat surface for pressing garments smooth before hanging them on clothes hangers. Make your time spent in the laundry room more efficient with new laundry room accessories from Kmart.