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Travel in style with carry-on luggage

Keep your valuables, electronics and more safely nearby during travel with compact carry-on luggage. Whether you're traveling in the air or on the road, carry-on suitcases can help you stay organized and prepared.

Most carry-on suitcases are easy to stow on planes. You can place them in the overhead bins or under the seats for easy access during the flight. Some of our carry-on suitcases include handy exterior pockets, which means you don't have to open the entire suitcase to grab travel essentials during transit.

Pack your vacation gear for road trips and weekend getaways in carry-on luggage. If you're traveling by bus or train, you'll most likely want luggage that's lightweight and maneuverable, such as rolling backpacks. Rolling backpacks for kids and adults can rest comfortably over your shoulders when boarding. As you make your way through the station, spare your muscles unnecessary stress and strain by pulling rolling backpacks behind you using the telescoping, built-in handles. If you have an important meeting or interview to attend, pack your suit or outfit in a protective garment bag to stay looking sharp.

Totes, rolling totes and duffel bags are ideal for short road trips. If you're traveling by car, the right carry-on luggage will fit nicely into most trunks or on cargo carriers. Get on the road with your portable carry-on luggage from Kmart.