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Prepare tasty meals in less time with a pressure cooker from Kmart

Everyone enjoys home-cooked meals but between work, kids and other activities, sometimes it's tough to find time to cook them. Pressure cookers from Kmart help solve that problem because they allow you to make delicious food in less time.

Pressure cookers range from 2 quarts to more than 10 quarts so you can prepare meals for a sizable crowd. The secret to this cookware is that the lid locks into position to allow pressure to build within. It keeps the steam in so you can reduce cooking times up to 70 percent, saving you time in the kitchen and saving you some money because you're using less energy. From delicious vegetable dishes to stews and soups to pot roast and poached salmon, your nutrient-packed dinnertime possibilities are endless. Additionally, you can save your baking dishes for another day because you can use your pressure cooker to make desserts, including bread pudding and cheesecake.

Like pressure cookers, you can use pressure canners to prepare many recipes, but you also can preserve foods. A food canner is recommended for low-acid foods, such as poultry, meat and vegetables. You also may use pressure canners as water-bath canners so you can preserve jams, salsas and pickles so you're stocked for breakfast or your next barbecue. Because you can prepare items in one pot, it can cut down on dishwashing and preserve your kitchen towels as well. Find a wide variety of pressure cookers at Kmart to help you eat well and enjoy some extra time.