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Accent Furniture

Accent furniture brings added charm and appeal to your home

After you’ve picked out new couches, beds and entertainment furniture for your new home, complete each room with accent furniture. Make vast, airy hallways seem cozier by placing decorative benches and stools along the walls. Tuck accent chairs and tables into unused corners to create a cozy nook. There chairs can  be placed near the front door, so guests have an area to rest while others removing coats and shoes before a party. Include additional welcoming touches by arranging candle holders and potpourri atop tables. Since front hallways are often guests’ first impression of your home, decorate these spaces with accent furniture from Kmart.

Different accent pieces can create decorative storage options throughout your home. Storage ottomans help you keep clutter to a minimum by hiding items you’re not using. Place storage ottomans in front of a sofa or chair to keep photo albums, books and remote controls within reach but out of sight. Store items you use less frequently, such as seasonal decorations and figurines in decorative chests.

Accent furniture can also add opulence to a master bedroom. Display beautiful screens on embellished room dividers to add privacy and elegance to a room. Add a fireplace for extra warmth and to create a homely feeling. Revitalize any space with stylish and affordable accent furniture from Kmart.