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Decorate and secure your home with window treatments

Window treatments are an absolute necessity for your new home or apartment. They not only help coordinate your decor and control natural lighting, but they also help maintain privacy as you go about your daily routine. Kmart carries blinds, drapes, valances and more to fit many styles of windows in any room of the house.

Add thick, room-darkening drapes or curtains to bedroom windows. These items can limit the amount of natural light that enters your home, and they also reduce light from street lamps or passing cars from entering a room. Whether you’re hopping into bed for the night or just taking a quick nap in the afternoon, less light can mean a more comfortable sleeping environment.

For living areas, such as kitchens and family rooms, sheer curtains, drapes and valances allow subtle light to filter into the space. Install window hardware like rods and clip rings to complement both the window treatments and your decorating style. Installation is simple and typically requires screw drivers or small cordless power tools. Installing holdbacks with your window treatments will make enjoying bright, sunny days even easier.

Blinds are ideal for bathrooms because they control lighting while blocking the view from the outside. Crack open the blinds to enjoy sunrise as you start your day. Close them in the evenings for greater peace of mind while you unwind after a long day at work. Decorate and add functionality to your home with stylish and affordable window treatments from Kmart.