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Add personality to any room with vibrant wall decor from Kmart

Wall decor transforms a plain room into a space that reflects your unique taste. Create a personalized gallery in the living room with colorful canvases, or add a few decorative shelves for versatile style. Kmart has a wonderful selection of tapestries, clocks, mirrors and other stylish art to shape a plain space into your artistic vision. Explore your creative side with new decor items.

Wall art comes in a wide variety of colors and beautiful prints to make a bare room pop. Peel and stick decals onto white walls to give a hand-painted appearance. Add inspirational phrases and nature-inspired imagery in mere seconds. Hang a gorgeous framed landscape by the living room sofa or recliner. The dazzling scenery will remind you of past vacations, while the vibrant colors enrich your home's decor.

Decorative shelving and hooks act as functional art. Install cube-shaped shelves in a modern space for a unique storage solution. Add picture frames and votive candles for a personal touch. Ornamental wall hooks save space while adding organization to any room. Try animal-shaped hooks in a children's playroom, so your little ones always know where to hang sweater and hats. The adorable hooks will delight children with their whimsical designs. Beautify your home with affordable and artistic wall decor from Kmart.