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Decorative Accents

Customize your home with decorative accents from Kmart

Turn every room in your house into a beautiful, coordinated space with decorative accents. Place a small, stylish clock on your parlor mantel, or display collectible plates on a hutch in the kitchen. Offer guests delicious fresh fruits from the decorative bowls and trays on the dining room table. No matter which accents you choose, Kmart carries a wide selection of pieces to add personal touches throughout your home.

There are many types of decorative accents you can use throughout the house. If you love to travel, place a globe on an end table, in your living room. Leave an embellished photo album out on the coffee table for guests to peruse through. You can even hang collections of framed pictures and wall decor, so friends and family will be sure to see them. Find accent pieces that are chic and reveal something about your character.

Certain items can be used to inspire reflection. To set up an indoor garden, put faux floral arrangements and potted plants on display in a sunroom. Relax from your loveseat while listening to the soothing trickle of an indoor fountain. Your new personal oasis will look stylish with decorative vases and candle holders. Transform your home into an inviting space with decorative accents from Kmart.