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Craft personalized pieces with a collection of crocheting and knitting supplies

Add some versatility to your next crafting session with quality knitting supplies. Kmart carries supplies for beginners and advanced knitters alike, as well as a variety of crochet supplies for craft enthusiasts of all ages. Practice your technique with skeins of gorgeous yarn, delicate crochet thread, lightweight metal needles and much more.

A few knitting supplies can help you craft a beautiful garment. Start your project by selecting the appropriate yarn. Color change and multicolored yarns include several hues in one skein, while solid-color yarns offer a more traditional look. Pick up a single pair of circular knitting needles or try a set with needles of different sizes for extra variety. While seasoned knitters may want to mix and match supplies from a wide range of options, beginners can try knitting kits for all-in-one convenience. Simply follow the user-friendly instructions and bind off your new scarf, cap or mittens with a pair of sewing shears.

Crocheting enthusiasts can stock the craft room with a variety of crochet supplies. Weave cotton thread with an aluminum hook to create intricate bedspreads. The silky cotton material is thin, yet durable enough to hold small beads and other crafting materials. If you need new inspiration, pull out the crochet storage bin and pick up a crocheting or knitting book. The colorful pages are filled with patterns, tutorials and other helpful guides. Expand your creative possibilities with new crocheting and knitting supplies from Kmart.