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Create beautiful stitches with new crochet hooks

Experiment with different patterns and styles using new crochet hooks. Choose from designs featuring a wide range of features and shank sizes that determine the size of the stitch. Depending on the design, you can use crochet needles for crocheting, knitting or both to create a project that's totally unique. From easy-to-follow patterns to stylish crochet storage, Kmart has the supplies to help any crafter.

The right tools can help eliminate common problems during crafting sessions. If you frequently encounter snags and splitting yarn, try using crochet needles with highly tapered throats and rounded heads for cleanly guiding yarn through each stitch. If loops of yarn tend to slip off the needles while you’re working, enjoy fewer interruptions by using hooks with less tapered throats and sharp, inline heads.

Crochet hooks come in both standard and ergonomic designs. While standard designs work well for recreational crafters, professionals who use their crochet supplies daily may prefer ergonomic needles. These feature large handles and grips with soft, rubber coating and help prevent stiffness and soreness while you work. To reduce joint pain without restricting movement, try wearing a pair of crocheting gloves in addition to using specialty needles. The stretchy, form-fitting material of these gloves helps support your wrists, even after hours of crafting. Expand the possibilities in your craft room with new crochet needles and hooks from Kmart.