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Bath Towels & Rugs

Decorate bathrooms and powder rooms with beautiful bath linens

From bath mats and towels to warm robes, the right bath linens make your home more comfortable for family and friends. Whether you’re stepping out of the shower or the pool, Kmart has you covered with an attractive selection of bath and beach towels. Thick bath towels feel soft to the touch as they quickly absorb excess water. Be sure to keep plenty of extras neatly folded on bathroom shelving for family and visitors to use. Beach towels are made from thinner, lighter material than bath towels, making them fast-drying and easy to pack in a tote. The large size makes them ideal for stretching out in the sun.

Bathrobes and wraps add a touch of luxury to any bathroom. You’ll love wrapping up in delightful fabrics like satin and waffle-knit cotton. Men’s and women’s robes come in a wide range of sizes, styles and lengths to accommodate your family and guests.

No bathroom is complete without bath mats and rugs. These bathroom essentials cover hard, chilly floors to keep bare feet feeling toasty year round. For a coordinated decorating scheme, choose a toilet seat cover in the same color. Add decorative flair to every bathroom with new bath linens and bath accessories from Kmart.