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Kids' Bath

Kids' bath products make bath time even more fun

With fun kids' bath supplies you can transform a blank bathroom into a customized space for your children. Bath materials add character and charm to your bathroom so your children will look forward to bath time. You can spend time with your kids picking out the colors and designs they love. Whether you choose floating tub toys or a new toothbrush holder, Kmart has the kids' bathroom supplies your little ones will love.

When it's time for a bath, tub toys can make time fly. Animal lovers will adore a set of floating toys in the shapes of cartoon sea creatures. Teach your kids about colors while having a blast. Little athletes can practice their moves and learn coordination with a tiny waterproof basketball hoop. When your kids are finished playing, these compact toys store easily in your bathroom storage bins.

Kids' bathroom products can add a whimsical touch to your home decor. Choose from curtains and towels in vibrant colors or polka-dotted patterns. You can even find superhero towel ponchos that look like costumes so your tots can let their imaginations fly. Match your new towels to your kids' bedding or place an animal-shaped tumbler next to the faucet. No matter what fun designs you pick, your children will cherish their personalized space with kids' bath products from Kmart.