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Bedding Basics

Bedding basics lay the perfect foundation for a good night's sleep

At the end of a long day, there's nothing like climbing into your plush, comfortable bed, laying your head down on a perfectly soft pillow and wrapping yourself in a toasty warm blanket. If this isn't what your bedtime routine feels like, Kmart has the bedding essentials you need to make it this sublime night after night.

No matter if your mattress is old or new, mattress pads will provide additional cushioning for your bed and help keep your mattress clean and dry. Pads with waterproof backs are ideal for young kids and if you have allergies, you'll love pads with allergen barriers that help you breathe easier. Another option for adding cushioning to your mattress are memory foam toppers, which are available with a variety of thicknesses and can help relieve pressure points for a more comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Now that you have your mattress covered, you'll need the right blankets. While a lightweight blanket is great in summer, you may want a down or down-alternative comforter to keep you warm on cold winter nights. Coordinate with matching sheets and choose pillows that range from soft to firm so you can feel as though you're resting your head on a cloud. The perfect bed starts with the basics and Kmart has the bedding essentials you'll love.