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Memory Foam Shop

Memory foam products are high-tech wonders of comfort

Memory foam is a remarkable product that provides comfort, convenience and health benefits. Offering durability and plush comfort, you'll love memory foam pillows, queen mattresses, rugs and mattress toppers.

Memory foam mattresses can provide more comfort for people with aches and pains than a traditional firm mattress. Memory foam products  conform to your individual shape, so they provide personalized, consistent support that is firm enough to help you maintain proper alignment but not too harsh on pressure points.

Memory foam mattresses are also lessen the effects of a partner's nighttime tossing and turning. Since they don't use a spring, there is reduced motion transfer to the other side of the bed when one person shifts position.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet washing dishes, cooking or doing the laundry, try adding a memory foam mat to your routine. Standing on a hard floor adds unnecessary stress to your lower back, legs and feet. The comfort of memory foam also makes it ideal for back support products, like a travel lumbar support pillow for long drives. If you enjoy napping on the plane, bus or train while you commute, bring along a memory foam neck support and you'll arrive at your destination without that back and neck ache. Give memory foam products from Kmart a try. You'll be amazed at the comfort and support you find.