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Keep teeth and gums healthier with dental floss from Kmart

Dental floss is an important, yet often neglected component of a comprehensive dental care routine. Kmart carries many convenient options to make oral care a little easier to work into your day. Whether you opt for a standard option or a high-tech water flosser, you'll love the deep clean feeling after a quick flossing session. Improve dental health with a new box of floss, picks or a power flosser.

Traditional flavored string floss easily slips between the teeth, leaving only a cooling mint sensation behind. A single box is small enough to fit into a toiletry bag, but it contains dozens of yards of dental floss. Try a waxed variety for extra comfort, or a brightening formula with built-in teeth whitening products. Stick-style flossers are convenient when reaching between those tricky back molars. Just guide the plastic pick between the teeth, and let the shred-proof options remove plaque with ease.

Water flossers offer a modern alternative to traditional floss. Choose between high-tech corded designs or battery-powered cordless models. Simply press a button, and pressurized water blasts away debris between each tooth. Follow up with a little mouthwash and enjoy a squeaky clean smile. Maintain a healthier mouth with dental floss from Kmart.