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Keep dentures in good condition with denture cleaning products

Denture care products help ensure your dentures stay clean and fresh all day long. Whether you're securing a partial set with adhesive cream or refreshing a pair of full dentures, you'll find the quality supplies that you need for proper denture care and maintenance at Kmart.

A set of sparkling clean dentures is sure to bring a smile to your face so pick up a few denture cleaning products to make the job easier. Just drop an effervescent tablet into a plastic denture bath, and let the cleansing bubbles do all the work. The fizzing action gently dissolves debris and stains, while killing bacteria in the process. Try a flavored cleanser that refreshes the teeth like a mouthwash for minty-fresh breath.

After the dentures are clean, denture care products can also help secure them for an ideal fit. Adhesive cream locks the dentures in place, while filling in any gaps between the gums and dental equipment. This creates a comfortable fit that lasts through a whole day of meals. Kmart also has adhesive wafers, whitening cleansers, denture brushes and other dental accessories to get you through the day. Keep your smile in great shape with quality denture cleaning products and adhesives.