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Enjoy great-tasting bread and bakery goods from Kmart

Eating delicious foods is one of life's little joys. Nibble your way to happiness with a selection of tasty treats from trusted brands like SnackWell's. Whether you're making wholesome sandwiches for the kids or indulging in a chocolate guilty pleasure, you'll find all the baked goods you could want here at Kmart. We carry a wide variety, from bread crumbs to doughnuts, so you never have to go without your favorite grains. Make sure to stock up so you don't find yourself staring at an empty cupboard on an empty stomach.

Bread is a versatile food you can have for any meal of the day. For breakfast, you can toast a slice and add some butter or jam for a great side-dish to go with your ham and eggs. For lunch, try putting some deli meat and cheese between two slices for a sandwich. Finally, for dinner you can slap a burger into some Schwebel's sandwich buns for a classic main course. For a snack, try dipping a slice of bread in olive oil, hummus or salsa, depending on your tastes.

Even if bread won't be a part of your next meal, there's a good chance you'll still need some baking supplies to complete that recipe. You can find ingredients like Progresso bread crumbs that add a crunchy texture to fish, chicken, meatloaf and more. For dessert, try a Betty Crocker muffin mix. These delicious treats give you some much-needed sweetness after a savory entree. No matter what your dinner plans include, a few well-chosen baked goods can help elevate the quality of your meal from decent to delectable.

When it comes to treats there's one category that stands above than the rest, and that's chocolate chip cookies. These delicious snacks are a classic dessert for a reason. They have just the right mixture of cookie crunch with decadent chocolate chips. Look for favorites from Chips Deluxe, Entenmann's and Murray to get you started. If you really want to kick your snack time up a notch, add a glass of milk to the party. The combination of crunchy chocolate chip cookies with cold, smooth dairy is satisfying and delicious.

From bread crumbs to buns and rolls, baked goods are a big part of our diet. Here at Kmart you can find a wide selection of bread and other baked goods to fill your shelves with delicious food. Shop with us for muffins, cookies, doughnuts and more to put a smile on your face.