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Stay active and get where you need to be with a skateboard

Make your way around town on a brand-new skateboard featuring reliable hardware and cool graphics. Kmart has a wide selection of boards for any riding style. Choose from longboards for cruising or standard-length decks for testing your skills on skate ramps and rails in the backyard.

Longboards provide a more fluid ride than standard boards, allowing you to make wide turns as you glide down the road. Tuck lightweight, wheeled boards under one arm before heading into school. Easily store the long, narrow board in a locker or lean it up against the table at a restaurant instead of having to search for a bike rack. Hybrid caster boards work well on streets, sidewalks and other smooth surfaces without having to push off the ground. Simply place your feet on the two connected platforms and pivot back and forth to set the bottom wheels in motion. Unlike standard boards, caster boards have only two wheels and move in just one direction.

Skate for fun and transportation on standard skateboards. These versatile wheeled boards transition well between the street and the skatepark. Enjoy stability and comfort with a slip-resistant deck and four durable wheels. Put on your skateboarding protective gear and enjoy the ride with a new skateboard from Kmart.