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Maintain your ride with a bicycle pump from Kmart

If your bike's tires have low PSI, the rider’s weight can press and flatten the tires, potentially damaging and reducing traction. Whether a tire is low or experiencing a small leak, adding air with a bicycle pump is easy. Kmart has quick-filling CO2-powered mini pumps that can fit into a bag or a purse with ease. Even if your bike has picked up a nail or a screw, a tire repair kit and a bike tire pump can be tucked away inside a backpack or mounted right onto the frame.

While mini models and fast-fill solutions are ideal for the biker who is always on the go, traditional floor pumps always stand the test of time. Keep one of these dependable bicycle pumps in your garage along with necessary bike replacement parts to ensure your ride is always in top shape. Before heading out to the trails, be sure to check tire pressure and inflate to the right PSI for a smooth ride every time.

Made from steel or aluminum, traditional foot-anchored pumps and new miniature bike tire pumps are lightweight and durable. Don't get caught trying to pedal with sagging tires. Stay prepared by having an affordable and compact bicycle pump from Kmart on hand.