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Protect yourself at the plate with a batting helmet

The baseball diamond can seem like a pretty safe place until you remember that there are high school and college pitchers who can throw the ball up to 100 mph. Before squaring up at the plate, be sure to put a batting helmet on, even if you're just playing recreationally. Baseball helmets from Kmart are designed to help protect your head comfortably. The foam interior and ventilation holes make helmets as comfortable to wear on the field as baseball gloves, so you can keep a helmet on and stay protected from line drives while running the bases.

Many softball helmets have face mask attachments that provide additional protection from baseballs as well as from the larger softballs used in fastpitch games. Those same snaps used to secure a softball mask can also attach a catcher's mask for face protection when crouched behind the plate. While softball and baseball both require helmets for safety anywhere around home plate, wearing helmets during t-ball games helps develop smart safety habits for when the kids start practicing with a pitcher.

From batting helmets and gloves to training aids and apparel, finding the gear you need to protect yourself and improve your game is easy with the selection of baseball, softball and t-ball equipment at Kmart.