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Grab your racquetball equipment and hit the court like a pro

Before you can step foot on the court, you're going to need to stock up on essential racquetball equipment. From racquets to racquetballs, Kmart has a vast selection of everything you need to get in the game. The latest racquetball gear is made of durable materials to handle the heat of competition. Whether you're just starting out or you've been playing for years, find all the affordable gear you need to win.

The key to every match is a solid racquet. Kmart has racquetball racquets to help you hit any shot with precision and power. There are a various types of designs suited for different skill levels. The head shape will determine the size of the sweet spot and strength of the shot. As your skills progress you can move to a more advanced option so you can keep up with your opponent.

From gloves to balls, Kmart is your go-to spot for racquetball equipment. Having the right gear is half the battle, so stock up on all the racquetball accessories to round out your gear. With all this amazing equipment, no game will be out of reach. Grab your racquet, goggles, and go for the win.