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Camping & Hiking

Experience a journey through nature with hiking and camping equipment

Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the fresh air with the right outdoor gear for any activity. Whether trekking with binoculars through the forest or camping under a canopy on the beach, Kmart has all the essential camping equipment to make the most of a trip to the great outdoors.

When settling into your camping site for the weekend, assembling a tent is a top priority. Choose from a small tent for a single camper or spacious models for six or more people. Inflate a portable air bed for extra comfort. You can even find a colorful kids' design to set up in the back yard. Unzip your sleeping bag and enjoy a night under the stars with the whole family. A screen house with an air mattress provides extra comfort when preparing for an overnight stay. Add other camping gear like a portable shower and toilet for ultimate in outdoor luxury.

After a good night's sleep, enjoy the scenery while cooking breakfast on a portable camping stove and cookware before breaking out the hiking equipment. Take a canoe down the river or climb to the top of a mountain. A set of rugged hiking boots and a hydration pack will keep you comfortable no matter where the day takes you. You can even track your journey with a portable fitness GPS system. Create new memories while exploring the natural world with the latest camping equipment from Kmart.

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