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Get a grip with a pair of reliable golf gloves

The handle on a golf club is often hard and unyielding, and your hands can easily start slipping and sliding around with just a few drops of sweat. Wearing a golf glove on the lead hand, that's the left hand for right-handed players, provides a more tactile grip, one that sticks to the club regardless of sweat or moisture in the air. Kmart has gloves in different sizes and colors, for left- and right-handed players. Before even hitting the range with a new golf club set, you should bring a glove or two along to get a feel for the clubs and how they perform.

Most golfers have had the frustrating experience of losing distance to a loose grip. The last thing a competitive golfer wants when teeing off is a bad shot on account of a poor grip on the club. Going to the tee without wearing a golf glove signals to other players that you might not be taking the game seriously. Along with a golf towel and some extra tees and golf balls, every golf bag should have a glove in it. Even players who prefer their skin against the grip can grab a glove and grip a driver tight after a long day in the heat.

Nearly every professional golfer wears a glove. Take your golf game to the next level with a new golf glove from Kmart.