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Stretch and relax with new inversion tables for your gym

An intensive workout can be taxing on your body. When you're done jogging on the trail or lifting on a weight bench, make sure to stretch out all your muscles to avoid any sort of soreness later. Kmart carries the latest inversion tables are a great way to help soothe your aches and relax your limbs after a long, strenuous session.

The latest types of inversion tables to stretch your entire body properly. When you lie on the table, secure your feet into the padded rollers and let your head and back settle into a comfortable position, supported by foam layers. Make sure to adjust the angle of inversion according to what is comfortable for you. When you're ready, you can perform each stretch or exercise without exerting any pressure on the neck or spine. Like all your gym equipment, stability is a must for inversion benches. Lay down gym flooring to keep your bench firmly planted to the floor.

If the area you have is too small for an inversion table, you can invest in a pair of inversion boots instead. These offer the same kind of stretch but on a smaller scale. Whether you're setting up space in the basement or spare room, Kmart has a wide variety of inversion benches for any space.