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Refresh your muscles with a foam roller

Whether you enjoy lifting weights, doing Pilates or playing soccer during your workout routine, a foam roller is an essential part of a post-exercise cool down. A foam roller is specially textured for use on your arms, legs and back. Use the convenient handles to apply pressure, or set it on the ground and use your own weight for a deeper rolling massage. Roll your muscles with an exercise roller every day to promote quicker recovery between workouts.

Kmart carries a wide assortment of foam rollers for athletes and weekend warriors alike. An extreme foam roller with an egg crate design is great for targeting knotted muscles or trigger points. It even relaxes muscle tissue to promote more flexible movement. Use a handled stick roller to pinpoint sore calves and glutes after class. The individual beads conform to your body for truly customized rolling action. Incorporate yoga supplies, like a portable mat, into your stretching routine for additional comfort.

From balance balls to resistance bands to step platforms, Kmart has all the fitness accessories you need to maximize your workout. Whether your exercise routine includes cardio, weight lifting or team sports, keep your arms and legs ready for action with a foam roller.