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Stock cues for everyone with a pool cue holder in the game room

Upgrade your game room and store your equipment like a real professional with a pool cue holder. Build up a collection of cues for your own personal use or to have available for friends, family or other guests to use when they stop by. Kmart has billiards cue racks that are just as decorative as they are practical, with finished wood designs bearing sports or drink logos to better fit the aesthetic of your game room. Many racks feature a place to store eight-ball and nine-ball racks as well as other pool table accessories.

When cue sticks and the pool balls and racks are well cared for, they can last for decades, or even a lifetime of use. The key to keeping those cues in top shape is to always hang them back up on a pool cue holder when they aren't in use. Cues left at an angle against the wall or laid horizontally can warp and bend. Like caring for the felt on the table, hanging a cue back up ensures it behaves exactly as you want it to when it's time for that combo shot.

At first glance, a billiards cue rack might look like decoration, but when you start to notice the difference a rack makes on your new cues, you'll wonder how you ever got by without one. Find pool cue holders for your game room at Kmart.