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Enhance the ambiance of a rec room, garage or workshop with a new neon light

The cool glow of a neon light helps to create a more relaxing atmosphere for unwinding after a long day. These retro-inspired pieces brighten up any space while showcasing your unique interests. Pick up a sports-themed neon clock to match your other game room wall décor, or try a model that highlights your favorite automotive brand. Create a room that represents your personality with neon accent pieces from Kmart.

Sports-themed clocks make a great addition to the game room. Pick up a new clock that proudly displays the official colors of your favorite team in the league. Choose from different logos, mascots and other designs to show off your spirit. Not only are these clocks decorated with eye-catching designs, but each clock maintains accurate time. Hang a brand-new model above the pub chairs and you can countdown each minute until kickoff.

Auto enthusiasts can illuminate a garage workshop with a new car-themed clock. Collectors may prefer a model that pays homage to iconic cars of the past, while gearheads can find designs that highlight contemporary classics. You can even find neon lights featuring the insignia of your favorite brewery. Personalize your workshop, game room or garage with a new neon light from Kmart.